Almost 25 years of services in refractories working culture as long as  the main function of Global Services  is to work for the healthy growth of the refractory industry in India. A wide range of insulating and other qualities of refractories capable of withstanding high-temperature erosion/corrosion in various furnaces and kilns used in the steel, cement, non-ferrous metals and other such industries is manufactured by the Indian refractories industry.


  • Dense Castables
  • Insulating Castables
  • Low Cement Castables
  • Refractory Mortars
  • High Alumina Cements
  • Fire Bricks
  • Refractory Blocks / Slabs / Tiles
  • Refractory Burner Blocks
  • Sillimanite Bricks
  • Mullite Bricks
  • Thermotex
  • Insulation Bricks (CFI & HFI)
  • HFK (Hot Face Kyanite) Bricks
  • Porosint Bricks
  • Insulation Slabs
  • Acid Proof Bricks
  • Acid Proof Mortars
  • Magnesite Bricks
  • Ceramic Fiber Products
  • Asbestos Mill board
  • Refractory Bed Material
  • Ceramic Raw Material
  • Silica Ramming Mass
  • Basic Ramming Mass
  • Special Shaped Refractory Bricks

Dealership Authorization Certificate

Special shapes/qualities will be supplied as per customer’s requirements on short notice.The members are encouraged in quality management, energy conservation, exports, human resource development etc. The principal services of - providing trade information, representing to the authorities on issues of common concern to members, extending advisory services to the members on imports/ export policy.

Production Facilities

Today Mahakoshal Refractories is one of the most modern refractory plants in the country with the following facilities:
High temperature furnaces for special products

Added to the above, a strong team of technically qualified and experienced personnel and an up to date R&D is continuously working for the development & improvement of products and adoption of new technologies.